Before your sunless tanning treatment make sure to shower, shave and EXFOLIATE with a PH balanced (OIL FREE) soap.

Please DO NOT use exfoliating products that are heavily oil-based, as these types of scrubs leave a residue that block the tanning process.

Our GLOW gloves are recommended for pre tan preparations as they are designed specifically to work with our sunless tanning products and solutions.


  • Make sure your body is free of make-up, moisturizer, oil, spf’s, perfume and deodorant.

  • For best results, schedule your sunless tanning session after you have completed the other beauty treatments in your routine including waxing, laser treatments, manicure and pedicure, hair appointments, etc.

  • Wear dark, loose fitting clothing. If you wear light clothes you may experience “rub off” on the inside of your clothes. This is caused by the all-natural bronzer, which serves as a guide for the technician when applying the tan. The “rub off” will wash out of most materials. Wear flip-flops or loose sandals. No socks, boots, or tight fitting shoes immediately following treatment.



  • Your technician will consult with you on your on your ideal tan and will then custom blend the appropriate solution for your skin type. It will be applied by hand, using our Airbrush Mister, leaving a flawless, natural glow a deep dark tan. Your preference.

  • Please inform your technician of any skin problems, trouble spots, or any issues you may have had with other sunless tanning products.

  • At your request, the technician will apply a protective moisturizer for manicures, pedicures, and dry skin areas.

  • The application time takes approximately 30 minutes, but plan on a total of 45 minutes from start to completion.

  • Do not worry if your hands and feet appear lighter than the rest of your body. These areas are purposely sprayed lightly because they develop more intensely than the other areas of the body.



  • After your treatment, we recommend waiting 8-12 hours before your first post treatment shower. This will give adequate time for the solution treatment to properly develop. This development is imperative for the best results.

  • If you notice any flaws on your skin prior to your first shower, they are likely rubs from clothing. Please do not attempt to fix any noticeable imperfections in the bronzer you see on the skin. The bronzer is NOT your tan and in most cases the final color change to your skin will be without flaw.

  • If you need to wash your hands during the development time, remember to “wipe” only the palms of your hands and not to submerge hands into water.

  • Until you have completed your “treatment development time”, you should not expose your skin to water, excessive sweating, working out, other products (including lotions, crèmes, makeup, etc).

  • In the event water or other liquid is accidentally splashed on the skin during development time, carefully and lightly blot affected area with a dry cloth. Do not rub excessively or attempt to blend. Remember the color you see is the bronzer and the treatment will most likely be unaffected.

  • During your first shower, the color run off is just the bronzer used as a color guide. This color is not your tan washing off.

  • Use soap only where necessary. Scrubbing, exfoliating, shaving, and waxing will cause the tan to fade more quickly.

  • Moisturizing is imperative to preserve the length of time your tan will last. Moisturizing also helps ensure that your tan fades naturally and evenly. Try our Chocolate Sun Tan Enhancer or Flowers Organics Body Moisturizer. The enhancer contains our sunless solution and prolongs the life of your tan by gradually depositing our solution into your skin and helps the tan breakdown more evenly. The moisturizers from our Flowers Collection also prolong the tan but will not deposit additional color.

  • Swimming and soaking in pools, hot tubs, and saltwater dry out your skin and shorten the life of your tan. These activities will also most certainly cause our treatment to breakdown unevenly.

  • If you are going on vacation where you will be engaging in water-based activities, please moisturize often and prior to spending time in the water. This will help but does NOT guarantee the tan is protected from fading more quickly.

  • Having a sunless tan does NOT protect you form sunburns. It is very important to always where sunscreen and reapply often when spending time outdoors.

  • During the week after your tanning session, try to avoid using exfoliating products. These products shorten the life of your tan. Only use them before a tanning session or to help remove the remnants of an old tan.